GLACC - CCD Requirement - Digital Literacy and Communication

WORK IN PROGRESS - Appendix to the GLACC Pedagogical Document


  • Useful for: 
  • Tech Requirements: Download/install version OR Browser version - No need to create an account - Careful: work is saved in your browser
  • Learning Curve: 
  • Used by: Russell Williams, CL2091B – Digital Poetics
  • Feedback from Faculty: 

StoryMap | KnightLab

  • Useful for: Presentations with a geographical element. Alternative to PowerPoint.
  • Tech Requirements: None, web hosted. Google account needed.
  • Learning Curve: Easy
  • Used by: Tanya Elder, AN1002A
  • Feedback from Faculty: 

ArcGIS StoryMaps | ESRI

TimeLine | KnightLab