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Circulation Policies/Borrow Items

You will find on this guide the borrowing policies for Books, DVDs, CDs

How to Borrow Items

Bring Library ID to the Navigation Desk

To get access to the Library you have to bring your AUP ID. Then to have the right to borrow books you have to come to the Navigation Desk during Regular Library Hours.
In order to borrow books, patrons must present a current, valid AUPID card.

Reminder: Access and Borrowing Privileges are for Personal Use Only

  • Your card is for your personal use and may not be lent to others for security reasons.  If items are borrowed for someone else on your ID, you will be billed for any overdues, lost items and blocked if any items are unreturned. If your ID is lost or missing, report it immediately.
  • The identification card issued to AUP students, faculty, and staff acts as both an ID card and a building access card.
  • Patrons from affiliated programs must also carry a special access card (issued by your program office) in addition to their institution's ID card.
  • The University Library is not open to the general public. Misuse of library privileges can lead to disciplinary action.


Validated Cards May Be Used for General Loans and for Reserves

  • Present your card at the Navigation Desk along with your selection.
  • There is no limit to the number of general collection books that can be checked out by AUP undergraduate students.
  • For special limits on reserve collection materials, please refer to Circulation Polices for Reserves.

Using the 'Self Check'

During the day or evening, library users can check books out to themselves without assistance (as long as they have no overdue books, blocks, etc.). There is a self check machine near the Navigation Desk with instructions on the wall. Users will need their card and the items they wish to check out. Videos may not be checked out on the machine (DVDs may be checked out if they are circulating).

Non-circulating Items

Certain materials may not circulate, and must be consulted within the library.

These include books from the Reference Collection, books stamped "non-circulating," some reserve materials, and all print periodicals.

It also includes Films. See the Academic Film Collection to be aware of the allowed usage

Items Security

  • All library materials must be properly checked out at the Navigation Desk before leaving the library.
  • Attempts to damage or remove library materials without permission are considered violations of the University's Standards of Conduct (see student handbook) and will lead to disciplinary sanctions.