Research Help

This guide will show you some basic tips on how to begin doing searching and research.

Read out Loud

Most of platforms do have the possibility to listen the audio from articles that are available in HTML full-text.
Example: Ebsco and Gale.

If this function is not available, you can download the PDF version of the document and activate the "read out loud" tool in Adobe software.


How to activate "read out loud" on a PDF

Open your PDF on Adobe Reader - click on view - Read Out Loud - Activate Read Out Loud


Then go back to View Read Out Loud - and choose if you want to read just one page or the entire document.



Dark Mode

Activate the Dark mode for a PDF file (change light background with dark font to opposite)

Open your document - click on edit - preferences - accessibility - check the box Replace Document Colors - Use High-Contrast colors - and then select the high-contrast color combination.


Activate the dark mode for an HTML Text

For this method we are using the free app Natural Reader.
First if you do not have the app, you will need download it.

Search and open the document you would like to read. At the top of your page click on the app icon to open the tool.


Once the tool is open on the right side of the page - select the immersive reader mode - and then enable the dark mode.


You document is now appearing in a dark mode.

If you need, on the left side you can increase the text size, the text spacing or change the font to a dyslexia font.




Text-to-speech tools