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Art Call Numbers

To find a specific book in the library, write down the entire call number and note the location (stacks, reference, etc.) and look for the book.  Ask at the Navigation Desk if you need help!

AUP Library books are organized by Dewey Decimal Numbers - here are the basic Art call numbers:


700 The arts 
701 Philosophy & theory 
702 Miscellany 
703 Dictionaries & encyclopedias 
704 Special topics 
705 Serial publications 
706 Organizations & management 
707 Education, research, related topics 
708 Galleries, museums, private collections 
709 Historical, areas, persons treatment 
710 Civic & landscape art 
711 Area planning (Civic art) 
712 Landscape architecture 
713 Landscape architecture of trafficways 
714 Water features 
715 Woody plants 
716 Herbaceous plants 
717 Structures 
718 Landscape design of cemeteries 
719 Natural landscapes 
720 Architecture 
721 Architectural structure 
722 Architecture to ca. 300 
723 Architecture from ca. 300 to 1399 
724 Architecture from 1400 
725 Public structures 
726 Buildings for religious purposes 
727 Buildings for education & research 
728 Residential & related buildings 
729 Design & decoration 
730 Plastic arts Sculpture 
731 Processes, forms, subjects of sculpture 
732 Sculpture to ca. 500 
733 Greek, Etruscan, Roman sculpture 
734 Sculpture from ca. 500 to 1399 
735 Sculpture from 1400 
736 Carving & carvings 
737 Numismatics & sigillography 
738 Ceramic arts 
739 Art metalwork 
740 Drawing & decorative arts 
741 Drawing & drawings 
742 Perspective 
743 Drawing & drawings by subject 
745 Decorative arts 
746 Textile arts 
747 Interior decoration 
748 Glass 
749 Furniture & accessories 
750 Painting & paintings 
751 Techniques, equipment, forms 
752 Color 
753 Symbolism, allegory, mythology, legend 
754 Genre paintings 
755 Religion & religious symbolism 
757 Human figures & their parts 
758 Other subjects 
759 Historical, areas, persons treatment 
760 Graphic arts Printmaking & prints 
761 Relief processes (Block printing) 
763 Lithographic (Planographic) processes 
764 Chromolithography & serigraphy 
765 Metal engraving 
766 Mezzotinting & related processes 
767 Etching & drypoint 
769 Prints 
770 Photography & photographs 
771 Techniques, equipment, materials 
772 Metallic salt processes 
773 Pigment processes of printing 
774 Holography 
778 Fields & kinds of photography 
779 Photographs 


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Search tips

To find books and articles on art and art history, you can search in Primo OneSearch using the name of a painter, sculptor, architect, work by an artist or other related information. You can limit to books or journals - review articles - scholarly articles. If you don’t find anything specifically on a particular painting, statue, etc, you can look at things that pertain to it. You can find information about the person that created it if they are known. You can look at a type of painting (expressionism) for further information and use your own impressions of the piece. If it is architecture, you may want to look at Haussmann, art nouveau, Paris arrondissement books that discuss architecture in Paris and use reference books such as encyclopedias for basic facts. 

Talk with your professor for more ideas and to make sure what you are doing is what they want. If you need help in finding what you need, please ask for Research Help. An AUP librarian may be able to find what you need. We are happy to help you!

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If we don't have an article you need, order it!  If unsure, use "Browse a List of Journal Titles" to see if we have the full text in another database. If not order it from us using Interlibrary Loan


If we don't have a book you need, we may be able to borrow it from another library for you.  Look it up in OneSearch first to see if it might be in an electronic collection. If we don't have it, order it from us using Interlibrary Loan.


If you need help in finding what you need, please ask for Research Help.  An AUP librarian may be able to find what you need.  We are happy to help you! 

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