GLACC - CCD Requirement - Digital Literacy and Communication

WORK IN PROGRESS - Appendix to the GLACC Pedagogical Document

Technical vs. Critical

"...the GLACC committee’s criteria for approval are based on clear evidence including a syllabus, readings (if the course has a digital theme), sample assignments/activities, and assessment criteria that demonstrate:

Technical Competencies: List the digital tools students will learn to use. Why have you chosen these tools for your course? In addition, show how this course is marked by a significant engagement with digital tools, as reflected in the syllabus, activities/assignments and, if the course’s theme is digital, in the readings.

Critical Approach: How will students be encouraged to adopt a reflexive, critical, and/or ethical attitude towards the digital space? For example, will they be led to reflect on the constructed nature of digital information, ethical considerations vis-a-vis digital citizenship, etc.. "

A Comprehensive Tool Box

Liu, Alan. “Digital Humanities Tools.” Digital Humanities Resources for Project Building, 2017,

Although last updated in 2017, this is a wonderful list.

Online Tools for Teaching & Learning

University of Massachusetts Amherst. Online Tools for Teaching & Learning | Designed by Students in EDUC 390D, 592A, & 692D at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. 2019,

"This site was designed to help you identify online tools that you might use for teaching or learning. Each page includes a wealth of information about a specific tool (e.g., price, ease of use, description of the tool, innovative ways to use the tool for teaching and learning, how the tool fits with the SAMR model) to help you evaluate the tool and determine whether to use it in your practice."

"Literacy" - Merriam Webster Dictionary

lit*er*a*cy noun \ ˈlit-ə-rə-sē, ˈli-trə-sē \
the quality or state of being literate
lit*er*ate adjective \ ˈlit-ə-rət, ˈli-trət \
1 a : characterized by education and culture
b : able to read and write
2 a : versed in literature or creative writing
b : having knowledge or competence <computer-literate >

All tools are free, or have a free version, unless specifically mentioned.