GLACC - CCD Requirement - Digital Literacy and Communication

WORK IN PROGRESS - Appendix to the GLACC Pedagogical Document


Voyant Tools

  • Useful for: "Tracking word frequency, word collocation, and visualizing trends in texts both large and small ... Voyant can be used to prompt close reading, track trends across one or multiple novels, and visualize trends in student writing." See Also (Review of Voyant Tools)
  • Tech Requirements: 
  • Learning Curve: 
  • Used by: 
  • Feedback from Faculty:

Google Books - ngram Viewer

See Also (Cultoromics)

Hathi Trust Research Center Analytics


  • Useful for: 
  • Tech Requirements: Bookworm installation requires setting up some servers, and then installing Bookworm itself. WOULD REQUIRE ITS involvement
  • Learning Curve: 
  • Used by:
  • Feedback from Faculty:

Optical Character Recognition

Text Encoding / Text Analysis