Locating Material in the Library

The Library materials are spread out on different floors of the Quai building. This guide will help direct you to the correct area for your books, journals, DVDs, etc.

By Dewey

Basement SousSol

000s     2nd floor
100s     1st floor
200s     Ground floor/Atrium
300s     Basement SS
400s     Basement SS
500s     Ground floor/Atrium
600s     Ground floor/Atrium
700s     Basement SS
800s     Basement SS
900s     Basement SS

(900-930s in compact shelving
940-990s in reading area) 

CDs 2nd floor

Comics/Bandes Dessinées 2nd floor
DVDs Ground floor/Atrium
Oversize Ground floor/Atrium
Periodicals Ground floor/Atrium
Reference 2nd floor
Reserves Navigation Desk Ground floor
Special Collections ask at Navigation Desk Ground floor - offsite
Textbooks 2nd floor

Theses 2nd floor

Find a Title in the Quai

Search in the library catalog, copy the entire call numberlocation and note the availability status of the item

Some titles are online and available from any computer, on or off campus, with current student, staff or faculty login.

For example, this item is available (not charged), it is located in the Reference area on the 2nd floor and the call number is 914.4361 H249e. Don't only copy the first part - there are many titles beginning with the call number 914.4361!!

This next item someone else has checked out so would not be on the shelves.

Material by Floor

Basement - Sous Sol
     300s     Social Sciences
     400s     Languages
     700s     Art
     800s     Literature
     900s     Geography and History
               (900-930s are in compact shelving -- 940-990s are in the reading area)
Atrium - Rez de Chaussée - Ground floor
     200s     Religion
     500s     Science
     600s     Technology
     Comics/Bandes Dessinées
Navigation Desk - Rez de Chaussée - Ground floor
     Special Collections (ask - stored offsite) 
      Technology Equipment (Laptops, Phone and laptop Chargers, Headphones, DVD Players)
1st floor
     100s     Philosophy and Psychology
2nd floor
     000s     General Works

Do we have access to a journal?

Browse a List of Journal Titles


Click the link above or go to the Journals Page

Some titles are online and are available from any computer with current student, faculty or staff login.  Others are print only and will be found in the Atrium on the ground floor.

Print Periodicals/Journals are located in the Atrium on the ground floor.  

Special Cases

You may see these headings in the Status or location of an item you are hunting.  This may help you find them or understand what your choices are.

If you can't find what you need, please go to the Navigation Desk on the ground floor and ask for help.

Special Cases:

In Processing - ask at Navigation Desk for a RUSH (normally takes 2 business days)

Lost - this means someone has actually lost the item - let someone at the Navigation Desk know if you need it to be replaced (it may be on order)

Missing - this means the book was not found on the shelf where it should be -  the library searches for it a few times in various areas - let someone at the Navigation Desk know if you need it to be replaced (it may be on order)

Overdue/Not Available/Charged - someone has the item you can put a hold to request it when it is returned

Reserves - only available when the Navigation Desk is manned

Special Collections - stored offsite - ask at Navigation Desk

Films DVDs

DVDs are located in the Atrium on the ground floor.

There are some streaming videos available online on this Online Films/Documentaries page.

Database list

Available from any computer on or off campus, with current student, faculty or staff login.