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Academic Films

This guide describes the allowed usage of the AUP Library Film Collection

Films and Documentaries available online


Kanopy is a streaming platform with over 18,000 films.

We would like your help to stay within budget and ask you to use best practices.
AUP's subscription allows AUP users to access the entire collection. We would like to inform you that the subscription model we have is purchasing a 1-year license, for any film that is viewed more than 3 times, for longer than 30 seconds.

Best Practices

  • Watch the trailer, before playing the video

When available, and when you are not sure it is the right film or documentary you are looking for, please watch the trailer first. If not available, you can always watch the trailer on youtube.
Watching the trailer doesn't count toward a purchase.



  • Watch a film in one viewing, when possible

As described at the top, after 3 views we will "purchase" the film. If you are watching a film, try to watch it in one sitting and not in 2 or 3.
The system is not the same as Netflix, and the platform will not recognize that you were the person who started to watch the film. Instead of 1 view it will count as 2 or 3 views.


  • Public Performance Right (PPR)

You can screen any film from Kanopy in your classroom.
But to use a film from Kanopy, for any free events, like film clubs or social events, you will need to make sure that we have the viewing rights to do so.
To look at it you will need to click on the movie cover, if the PPR icon is showing, it means that you can screen the film for an event. You may have to click on "show more" if the PPR icon is not showing immediately.
Not all films are available for public performance viewing. No money can be charged for viewing a Kanopy film.


  • Off campus access

The access outside of campus differs. Once you click on link you will need to click on the orange button "Visit the AUP Collection", you will then need to click on another orange button "Log In to AUP" and use your AUP NetID and username.

Titles with a temporary unlimited access from Kanopy