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Academic Films

This guide describes the allowed usage of the AUP Library Film Collection

Screen a DVD through Teams


If the Library have the DVD with rights to show in a class ( Green or Yellow ) the entire film can be shared on Teams using the following steps.


Excerpts can be shown from Blue or Red.


Watching a DVD through Teams comes down to sharing content.


  1. The user opens the DVD via the computer’s player (DVD player, VLC, etc.).

  2. Once in the Teams meeting, the user click on “Share” (the arrow that goes into the rectangle icon located at the top of the screen)

  3. The user makes sure the Include Computer Sound box is checked (it is located roughly at the bottom left side of the screen)

  4. The user shares the content, either by choosing “Desktop” or by choosing the application that is used to open the film (both available in the sharing options


NOTE: on Mac computers, there is no Include Computer Sound box to check. The user must have previously authorized Teams to access a couple of devices in the System Preferences/Security and Privacy. Namely Screen Sharing and Microphone

Can't find a DVD

Faculty can try to order DVDs from us of films we do not have but be aware not all films are available with viewing rights and some may have prohibitive costs.

The Library does not pay for rentals of films, only films that can be purchased for the collection.

Send your request to