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Library Mission

Mission Statement


The AUP Library is a non-specialized Anglophone collection of scholarly materials located in central Paris and serving the needs of the University community, from undergraduates and graduate students to staff members, active teacher/scholars, and visiting researchers.



In keeping with the University's mission, the Library strongly supports a student-centered approach in their transformative time at AUP helping them to become digitally literate, critical thinkers and ethically aware. The Library's mission is to help the AUP community achieve its learning, teaching and research goals by:

  • Identifying, selecting and collecting information resources
  • Organizing, delivering and providing access to information resources
  • Assisting all its users in becoming self-sufficient, information-literate researchers
  • Facilitating preservation of, and access to, the intellectual capital of the University


Organizational Values

The Library is committed to:

  • Regular and open communication among Library staff members as well as between the Library and the University
  • Collaboration and cooperation, both within the University and with external partners
  • The highest quality of service possible
  • Investing in human resources, with sufficient staff and professional development, to meet the needs of all users
  • Practicing, and helping our users to practice, the ethical use of information