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'Find it @ AUP' Fulltext


 Libkey Nomad


LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that will help you find full-text articles even if you are not searching through the library catalog.

Click here to add the browser extension - select your browser - follow the instructions - once it is added select American University of Paris.


That is all you need to do. The next step is your research.
For example you are looking for an article, you are redirected to page where they are requesting you to pay to access the article.
You will now see on the bottom left corner a new icon 




If you click on this link you will be redirected to the AUP login page and you will have access to the full-text article through the library subscriptions.

This is new at AUP in January 2024 - we will add information to this page as we improve the efficacy of LibKey


'Find it @ AUP' Fulltext

You may have noticed 'Find it @ AUP' on Pubmed/NCBI, Google Scholar, JSTOR, PsycNet and other sites.

The library has started linking from these sites to full text whenever possible. If we have the article you are looking for, the link will take you from Pubmed, Google Scholar, etc. directly to the fulltext article in another database or on the journal's homepage. 

To get the full text, from off-campus, use your AUPNetID and password. 

The AUP community may use our Interlibrary loan to get documents we don't have in full text via Primo

For AUP students, faculty, and staff that have any questions, please contact us and give us the details of the problem. We can also help you with your research by helping you find more articles and books on the topic you are researching.


Find it @ AUP screen     


Once you click on the 'Find it @ AUP' link you will see a screen similar to the one above. You can click on the title in blue (if it is there) and it will take you to the article in one of our databases or directly to the ejournal online (if we subscribe to it). You will need to login with your AUPNetID and password if you get this link. You may get the 'Check detailed holdings' link which usually means we have either the journal online or in print. This link will lead you to the library catalogue. The last links are "Check other library catalogues or request an Interlibrary Loan". These will take you to pages on the AUP library homepage where you can check local libraries to see if they have the journal you need or to the Interlibrary Loan page where you can request a Document Delivery (our library will order the article from another library).