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This guide describes the allowed usage of the Lockers




AUP provides twenty-four lockers for current students, faculty, and staff. They can be used to temporarily store items.

The lockers are in the hallway between the Combes Student Life Center and the Quai d'Orsay Learning Commons.

Terms of use and maintenance

The Navigation Desk manages the lockers to ensure their proper and responsible use, keeping in mind the safety and health of the AUP community.   


  • All lockers are made available to AUP students and faculty for a one-day loan period (not overnight).

  • Each user is responsible for emptying their locker before the building is closing. 

  • Lockers must be emptied each day before the building closes.  

  • Lockers including power outlets can be used only during daytime and keys need to be returned before the Navigation Desk closes.  

  • Locker keys are to be returned at the Navigation Desk or if the Desk is closed use the book drop.   

  • The book drop is to the right of the lockers and under the self-check machine.  

  • If the locker key is not returned by the due date, the locker will be emptied, and the user will receive an automatic fine notification (2€/day).  

  • The University declines any responsibility for items removed from lockers after the due date.  

  • The user is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and the good condition of the assigned locker. Damages will be charged fully to the user.     

  • The lockers are secured with a key only. 

  • Lockers are available on a first come, first serve basis - no locker reservations are possible. 

  • Each user may have only one locker key.    

  • Locker users must report any physical problem regarding locker immediately to the Navigation Desk staff.   


  • All electric devices stored in a locker must be turned off.    

  • Recharging devices can be left for a maximum of 3 hours in the locker  

  • Reminder: all electrical equipment must be suitable for a 220-volt supply.    

  • Lockers might be subject to a daily inspection for security purposes with or without the consent of the user.   

  • The University is not responsible for theft of or damage to possessions left in the lockers.   

  • Locker users take full responsibility for the items stored.   

  • Lockers are not transferable.   

  • No valuables or perishable items can be stored in the lockers (this includes cash, credit cards, watches and jewelry, food, etc.).    

  • Items deemed suspicious, illegal, or illicit by the University are forbidden and therefore may be confiscated. The user will have to respond to the campus authorities.   

  • When classes are not in session, especially during summer and winter breaks, the University will close the locker services and will reopen them at the following semester orientation week. 


  • The University reserves the right to withdraw the use of lockers, at any time, to a member of the community who has violated these policies, especially when it concerns any campus security violations and/or user misconduct.   

  • Overdue locker key fine: 2.00€ / day.    

  • A lost locker key generates the change of the lock, replacement cost: 45.00€ (30.00€ + 15.00€ processing fee). 


By borrowing a locker and its key the user agrees to abide by the terms outlined above in this policy.