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Philosophy Call Numbers

To find a specific book in the library, write down the entire call number and note the location (stacks, reference, etc.) and look for the book.  Ask at the Navigation Desk if you need help!

AUP Library books are organized by Dewey Decimal Numbers - here are the basic Philosophy call numbers

100 Philosophy
100 Philosophy and psychology
101 Theory of philosophy
102 Miscellany of philosophy
103 Dictionaries and encyclopedias of philosophy
104 No longer used—formerly Essays
105 Serial publications of philosophy
106 Organizations and management of philosophy
107 Education, research, and related topics of philosophy
108 Kinds of persons in philosophy
109 Historical treatment of philosophy

(In more detail)

100 Philosophy & psychology 
101 Theory of philosophy 
102 Miscellany of philosophy 
103 Dictionaries of philosophy 
104 Not assigned or no longer used 
105 Serial publications of philosophy 
106 Organizations of philosophy 
107 Education, research in philosophy 
108 Kinds of persons in philosophy 
109 Historical treatment of philosophy 
110 Metaphysics 
111 Ontology 
112 Not assigned or no longer used 
113 Cosmology (Philosophy of nature) 
114 Space 
115 Time 
116 Change 
117 Structure 
118 Force & Energy 
119 Number & quantity 
120 Epistemology, causation, humankind 
121 Epistemology (Theory of knowledge) 
122 Causation 
123 Determinism & indeterminism 
124 Teleology 
125 Not assigned or no longer used 
126 The self 
127 The unconscious & the subconscious 
128 Humankind 
129 Origin & destiny of individual souls 
130 Paranormal phenomena 
131 Occult methods for achieving well-being 
132 Not assigned or no longer used 
133 Parapsychology & occultism 
134 Not assigned or no longer used 
135 Dreams & mysteries 
136 Not assigned or no longer used 
137 Divinatory graphology 
138 Physiognomy 
139 Phrenology 
140 Specific philosophical schools 
141 Idealism & related systems 
142 Critical philosophy 
143 Intuitionism & Bergsonism 
144 Humanism & related systems 
145 Sensationalism 
146 Naturalism & related systems 
147 Pantheism & related systems 
148 Liberalism, eclecticism, traditionalism 
149 Other philosophical systems 
150 Psychology 
151 Not assigned or no longer used 
152 Perception, movement, emotions, drives 
153 Mental processes & intelligence 
154 Subconscious & altered states 
155 Differential & developmental psychology 
156 Comparative psychology 
157 Not assigned or no longer used 
158 Applied psychology 
159 Not assigned or no longer used 
160 Logic 
161 Induction 
162 Deduction 
163 Not assigned or no longer used 
164 Not assigned or no longer used 
165 Fallacies & sources of error 
166 Syllogisms 
167 Hypotheses 
168 Argument & persuasion 
169 Analogy 
170 Ethics (Moral philosophy) 
171 Systems & doctrines 
172 Political ethics 
173 Ethics of family relationships 
174 Economic & professional ethics 
175 Ethics of recreation & leisure 
176 Ethics of sex & reproduction 
177 Ethics of social relations 
178 Ethics of consumption 
179 Other ethical norms 
180 Ancient, medieval, Oriental philosophy 
181 Oriental philosophy 
182 Pre-Socratic Greek philosophies 
183 Sophistic & Socratic philosophies 
184 Platonic philosophy 
185 Aristotelian philosophy 
186 Skeptic and Neoplatonic philosophies 
187 Epicurean philosophy 
188 Stoic philosophy 
189 Medieval Western philosophy 
190 Modern Western philosophy 
191 Modern Western philosophy United States & Canada 
192 Modern Western philosophy British Isles 
193 Modern Western philosophy Germany & Austria 
194 Modern Western philosophy France 
195 Modern Western philosophy Italy 
196 Modern Western philosophy Spain & Portugal 
197 Modern Western philosophy Soviet Union 
198 Modern Western philosophy Scandinavia 
199 Modern Western philosophy Other geographical areas


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