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Library Catalog Searching Hints

If you are searching for a(n): Choose: Helpful Hints:
Book title, Journal title Basic Search Omit initial articles (e.g., a, an, the, le, la, los, der, die, das, etc.) and punctuation.
Author Basic Search Enter last name first: e.g., hemingway ernest.  For corporate authors, enter in the usual order, omitting articles: e.g., national academy of sciences.
Subject Basic Search Type in as much of the subject heading as you know, truncation is automatic.  If unsure, use the directory to Library of Congress Subject Headings in the Library Research Room.
Keyword (Boolean) Basic Search Combine search terms using Boolean operators: AND, OR, NOT.  Quotation marks are used for phrase searching: e.g. "world wide web." Truncation: use ? to trucate search terms or find variant endings.
Keyword (Relevance) Basic Search Use + to mark essential terms: e.g., +explorer. 
Use * to mark important terms: e.g., *internet.
Use ? for truncation: e.g., comput? to find computers, computing, computer.
Call Number Basic Search Includes letters, numbers & punctuation in correct order: e.g., 754.0973 J65a or PC-4 Doyle.
Course Reserve Course Reserve Use pull-down menus to select Instructor, Department, or Course.