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Remote Storage Request

The AUP library has a portion of its collection that is housed off-site.  You may request some of these items be delivered to the AUP library for you to check out.  There is normally a 3-6 day delay (not including holidays).  Due to the time lag and cost, please try to make sure that you need these books and that there is no appropriate, more current material available in the library.  Most of these items are older - please look at the publication date to make sure the item you request is appropriate.

This service is available free to the currently enrolled students, faculty and staff of AUP.  Alumni and cooperative program affiliates will have to pay a fee in advance of any request.

If you do not have all of the information (call number, title, author) of the book that you would like, you might try looking it up in the AUP catalog to verify this information.

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