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Use of the Academic Film Collection

Summary of Academic Film Collection

  Library Use Home Use*
Within Reserve Status Time Limits

Yes Yes

Yes No

Short excerpts only Yes

Short excerpts only No

Film Usage

AFC films are selected by faculty to be used in support of the AUP teaching program and their use is restricted to AUP Faculty, staff and students. A separate Leisure Film collection is available through the Office of Student Affairs.

All films in the AFC and their sound tracks are protected by copyright: any broadcast, copying or editing is forbidden unless authorized by the producer or publisher.

Due to copyright protection, the viewing and lending of the AFC films by and to AUP students, staff and faculty is subject to French and International Intellectual Property laws . Viewing the entire film on campus or borrowing for home use is only possible if the institutional rights are available and have been acquired by the University for a specific version of a film.

The rights that AUP has obtained for each copy is indicated in the catalog and on each film by color coding:

Green = Full institutional rights to view on campus and borrow for home use

Blue = Partial rights : to borrow for home use only

Yellow = Partial rights : to view on campus only

Red = No institutional rights are available or none have been acquired.


Many films can only be borrowed by a faculty member depending upon the number of copies owned and availability of institutional rights. A 'faculty copy' is identified by the 'F' above the call number or 'faculty copy' in the catalog.


There are 4 video and 2 DVD players in the library. Given the large number of films which cannot be borrowed by AUP students and the limited number of monitors in the library, a viewing session can be scheduled in advance at the Service Desk or by an e-mail request to

If requesting by e-mail, please indicate the title of the film and your library bar code number as well as the date and time you wish to view the film and wait for a written confirmation.

Check the film's color coding or the 'Note' field in the catalog to find a copy with IP rights for full viewing on-site (Green or Yellow tags). If not, only short excerpts can be viewed (Red and Blue tags).


Only films with Green or Blue tags and NOT marked 'Faculty Copy' can be borrowed by AUP students and staff for use outside the library.

General book collection and reserve loan policies apply except:

-Non Reserve films: 2 day loan period

Overdue fine: 1 euro/day

-Reserves films 2 hour loan period

Overdue fine: 2 euros/hour


All films should be returned to the Service Desk; please do not use the Book Return unless the film is in a padded envelope.


A RECALL can be placed through the catalog or at the Service Desk when a film you need is checked out: "Due + date" . When the film is returned, you will be notified that it is available.

Special fines are applied to recalled items that are not returned on time

For films on Reserve this recall fine is 5 euros/ hour

For other films this recall fine is 5 euros/day.


The policies described in the Library Guide sheet on 'How to Borrow Books' apply except the replacement cost will not be a fixed amount.

Due to the high cost of obtaining institutional rights for films, the actual replacement cost will be owed, plus a 16 euro processing fee.