American University of Paris Library | Library Mission and Goals

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Library Mission and Goals

The AUP Library is an encyclopedic Anglophone collection of scholarly materials located in central Paris and serving the needs of the University community, from undergraduates and graduate students to staff members, active teacher/scholars, and visiting researchers. The library is proud of its professional librarians and skilled staff, depth of coverage in specialized electronic databases, and innovative, curriculum-embedded, information literacy program. The Library, with ARC and ITS, aims to become the intellectual commons of the university.

The three main challenges facing the library over the next five years are the rapid expansion of MA programs at AUP, the planned move to a new campus, and the revolutions in information technology and scholarly communications that are transforming library services worldwide. These changes will necessitate evolution of our mission statement.

The Library's mission includes helping the AUP community achieve its learning, teaching, and research goals by:

1. Identifying, selecting and collecting information resources - Assembling information resources

2. Organizing, delivering and providing access to information resources - Connecting users and information resources

The Library creates opportunities for learning and research to occur in a variety of environments adapted to the learning and working styles of individual users. Within the limits of its physical and technological infrastructure, the Library provides physical spaces and helps create online environments that are conducive to individual study, collaborative group work, and successful interaction with information resources of all types. In addition, the Library helps connect its users with the wealth of information resources available in the Paris area and worldwide.

Goal areas: